Monday, June 3, 2013

The ride that didn't happen

In the driveway - Where good bikes don't belong

We had planned all spring to take the Suzuki TU250X and the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a long Memorial Day weekend.  Seems life and work, (work mostly), conspired against us.  We have moved it back to mid summer. 

We are both curious to see how our TU250 will do in the mountains.  We know it'll be a hoot on the curves as it is so light and agile.  The plan now is to ride or trailer up to the Little Switzerland area and explore up and down the Blue Ridge from there.

Kim and I have made a number of very short rides, but haven't had the time to put an article together.  Will try to get out for a good trip this weekend.


  1. Bummer your plans didn't work out.

    The TU250 will do fine in the mountains, just downshift and tuck over the tank on the uphills. I had mine for a year and loved it. Still miss it sometimes.

    FYI - it will pass a Prius uphill over the mountain pass, but you may need two runs at it. Ask me how i know.

  2. I agree that the bike will do just fine. We wish we had two of them so we could both enjoy the Blue Ridge on the 250s. We follow your Blog and it looks like you've had plenty opportunity to ride the TU in the mountains. Would really like to hear the story of passing the Prius.